Monday, September 26, 2011

Learning how to play guitar

There are many ways in learning how to play guitar. Your choice of which lesson to take will depend on your time, budget and learning phase.

Online Guitar Lessons

Online guitar lessons have come a long way since early 90s. There are several helpful videos available that you can pause or slow down, sound files, and illustrations to show you exactly where you should put your fingers, the right way to strum a chord and even sound files to help you tune your guitar! You can actually learn guitar lessons online from a well-qualified instructor in the comfort of your own home. Some lessons may charge a small fee, and some can even be for free!

Free Video Lessons

Another way to learn guitar is to simply browse the free sites like Youtube for people teaching the songs you want to learn to play. You can learn numerous of good riffs from this type of lesson without every really learning how to play the guitar. If all you want is to pick a part of some song to impress a girl or a boy you like, then this is probably the best lesson for you! As for others, to learn real skill or master any music, more guidance is needed.

Guitar DVD

Guitar DVD courses are another amazing way in learning how to play guitar in your own time. While you don't always get a lot of lessons or instructors, the quality is far better to what you can get online. It also ends up a little bit more cost effective since most quality DVD courses will include over a year worth of guitar lessons. Most guitar DVD courses come with a book to follow along with. You can learn guitar in front of the television rather than in front of the computer.

Private Instructor

Some people would prefer to learn from a live instructor in order for them to ask questions ad get feedbacks as they are learning or practicing. For those learners, the best way to learn how to play guitar is to go ahead and hire a private guitar instructor. Among the types of lessons, this is the most expensive method of learning how to play guitar ad may cost more than $2,000 USD annually. Those learners who need that personal touch, private guitar lessons are matchless. On the other hand, finding a good instructor is not an easy thing to do since there are so many guitar instructors with varying skill levels and education. Some may have to try more than one instructor before they can find the one that they actually like.

Group Lessons

A cheaper option where you can still get that personal touch is to group up with other people who want to learn how to play a guitar and form a class. You won't get quite the same quantity of personalized attention as you would get from the private lessons but of course, the catch is that it will be more likely to fit on your budget. You can find group lessons from the net, or you can check your local community college or churches for these classes as well. Lastly, having group lessons in learning how to play guitar is the ability to work with other people and have new friends

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